Spring Activities and Events Near Aviemore
15th February 2017
Lonach Highland Gathering
14th July 2017

Thunder in the Glens is an annual festival run by the Dunedin Chapter of the Harley Owners Group. This festival consists of Harley Davidson displays, rallies and live music. The festival held in 2016 saw live music from Scottish rock band, Big Country and RPJ. With its ever growing popularity, Thunder in the Glens continues to bring people from all across the globe to Aviemore to ride through the Scottish Highlands to Grantown of Spey.

This year they will be riding again on the 25th August 2017, with high hopes of smashing their 2016 attendance of 4000 riders. If you would like to know more about the Thunder in the Glens Festival, visit the Dunedin Chapter website for more information.