Winter Activities and Events Near Aviemore
27th January 2015
Winter Activities and Events Near Aviemore
8th January 2016

Highland Wildlife Park

Situated just 7 miles south of Aviemore, the Highland Wildlife Park is home to birds such as the famous capercaillie, Eurasian eagle owl and snowy owl, mammals including polar bears, tigers, wolves and the rare Scottish wild cat and a variety of other animals such as bison, reindeer, beaver and red panda. This huge variety of wildlife makes the Park a great place for taking the kids and there’s enough to keep them entertained for the whole day.

Guided tours are available in Land Rovers or coaches and there are daily feeding talks for snow monkeys, polar bears, wildcats, reindeer, tigers and lynx.

Spring opening hours at the Highland Wildlife Park 10.00 am -5.00 pm.

For more details visit the Highland Wildlife Park website.

Funicular Railway

Take Scotland’s only funicular railway up Cairngorm to Top Station with breathtaking views from over 3,500ft up the mountain. Funicular passengers may exit the top station to go onto the mountain provided they are booked on a guided walk or a guided mountain bike descent.

Cairngorm Funicular Railway Timetable:
Trains run every 20 mins.
First train up at 10.00.
Last train down at 16:30.

Visit the Cairngorm Mountain website for more information about the Cairngorm Funicular Railway.

Health Walks

Walk yourself fit by joining the Cairngorms Walking to Health Project on Health Walks. These guided walks take place every Thursday afternoon and run throughout the Spring. The walks are easy, take about one hour and are designed to suit people of all abilities.

Each walk start at 1.30 in the afternoon with walkers meeting up at Papa Rock Restaurant in Aviemore.

Visit the Cairngorms Outdoor Access Trust website for more details about Health Walks in Aviemore.

Strathspey Railway

Behind the Scenes Operational Tours

Go on a behind the scenes tour of Strathspey Railway in Aviemore to visit the railway sheds which house the magnificent steam locomotives and carriages which date back to Victorian times.

You can find out exactly how the railways operates and how the engineering teams work to maintain the steam engines and vintage British Rail carriages. Also included in that tour is a visit to the signal box.

Admission is free and dates throughout 2015 are: Sat 11 April, Sat 2 May, Sat 6 June, Sat 4 July, Sat 1 August, Sat 5 September and Sat 3 October. Tours start a 2.15pm and last for 2 hours.

Find out more about behind the scenes tours of the Strathspey Railway.

Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival

The annual Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival is a celebration of Scotland’s national drink with a huge number of events taking place around the course of one of Scotland’s most famous rivers.

Visitors come from around the world to enjoy the special atmosphere created by the huge number of events on offer from whisky tasting, distillery visits, live music, arts and crafts and outdoor activities.

The Festival runs from Thu 30 April to Mon 4 May.

For more information and the full list of events in the Aviemore area visit the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival website.